Microscheme Literature

A functional programming language for the Arduino

Microscheme was originally a final-year undergraduate project, and had to be closed-source for examination purposes. The project has changed since then, and there have been rapid improvements since it was made open-source. However, much of the information in the original dissertation is still relevant.

More recently, a short paper was prepared for the Scheme and Functional Programming workshop, containing a concise exposition of the Microscheme runtime system, and some of the considerations necessary for very resource-constrained platforms such as the ATMega controllers. This paper was very kindly presented by Will Byrd.

Original Dissertation
An extensive account of the project motivations and development.
Download (PDF) From June 2014

SFP ‘14 Paper
A condensed technical exposition of the project.
SFP 2014 Download (PDF) From October 2014