Downloading microscheme

A functional programming language for the Arduino


In order to assemble programs and upload them to real Arduinos, you will need some implementation of avr-gcc and avrdude. For most Linux distributions, these tools are available via the standard package managers. They are available via the Homebrew and MacPorts package managers for Mac OS X, and the winavr project on Windows.

Get the latest code

The latest (not necessarily stable) code is always available via GitHub.

Stable Release (v0.9.3)

The latest stable release is available as source code, and as compiled binaries for Linux and Windows. This is the version of microscheme to which the online documentation applies.

Distribution Packages

Microscheme packages are available for the Pacman (Arch Linux) and Nix package managers.


The Microscheme source code and binaries are released under the MIT license.